Audio: Extremism & Stigma in UK Muslim Communities

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Tactics Institute presents an audio interview with Mr. Ahmet Patel, counter-terrorism researcher 

On the 7th July 2005, three separate bombs were detonated aboard London Underground trains, and a fourth detonated on a double-decker bus. Fifty-two people were killed, and more than 700 injured. 

Tactics Institute spoke with Ahmed Patel, a counter-terrorism researcher, whose sister was married to Mohammad Sidique Khan (the oldest of the 7/7 attackers, and recognised as the ringleader). 

Mr Patel talks about, amongst other topics, what drives younger people to radicalisation, if prisons in the UK are really a so-called University of ISIS and if there is a way to reverse the polarisation of an “us or them jihadi framework”.


TACTICS Institute · The Stigma of “Extremism” in Muslim Communities