Press Release: Tactics Holds Second UK Event

London, 18th June 2019

The Tactics Institute for Security and Counter Terrorism yesterday held its second public event, Integration as a tool for Security and Social Cohesion, in central London.

The seminar focused on the contribution of different ethnic minority groups in the United Kingdom, and looked at the corrosive effects of racism and hate speech.

Alongside the chair and director of the Tactics Institute, Thomas Charles, were three speakers:

Dr Shaukat Khan, politician and community leader, who is Chairman of the UK-Pakistan Foundation, Senior Vice President of the Pakistan Policy Institute in the United States and former Sheriff of the City of Nottingham, the first non-English Sheriff of Nottingham in 1200 years.

Dr William Harbig, former legal adviser to the US delegation at NATO and corporate counsel on international legal issues.

Asra Anjum is a UK Labour party and human rights activist. She is the Vice-Chair of Tower Hamlets Constituency Labour Party in London.

Dr Khan spoke about the social, economic and political aspects of integration and compared the rise to prominence of Enoch Powell in the 1960s and the language he introduced to the impact of US President Donald Trump now. Dr Khan also talked about negative reinforcement of racist ideas on the part of the media.

Dr Harbig looked back to the nineteenth century and the development of unified European trade and the peace dividend, how security can be achieved through integration. And Ms Anjum also took an historic view, tracing the waves of migration to the UK since world war two. She defined integration as having three aspects: a national identity; positive economic outcomes for immigrants and the emergence of successful communities.

All three speakers mentioned Brexit, and there followed a lively, passionate questions and answers session, which reflected the importance of the issue of integration to the audience, which was made up of people from a wide array of backgrounds.

This was Tactics’ third event, following one in the UK parliament on radicalisation and one in the French Senate on instability in the Gulf.

Tactics Institute for Security and Counter Terrorism is an independent, non-partisan, think tank. Tactics researches terrorism to identify its causes and best possible remedies, always bearing in mind the protection of individual liberties and the human rights of all those affected. The Institute provides a platform for public discussion of some of the key issues of our time.

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