The Institute

About us

Tactics Institute for Security and Counter Terrorism is an independent, non-partisan, think tank. Tactics researches terrorism to identify its causes and best possible remedies, always bearing in mind the protection of individual liberties and the human rights of all those affected.

In our work we examine social, economic, religious, national and ethnic factors which could be the drivers of international or regional terrorism. We make sure we provide decision makers around the world the right policy recommendations through our research and analysis to inform effective public policies on counter-terrorism.


To eliminate international terrorism and promote international peace and security through expert policies and advice.

What we do

– Research and Studies
– Seminars and Workshops
– Policy Recommendations for Governments or Governments Agencies

Our Focuses

  •  Studying Terrorism and its motives, making policy recommendations.
  •  Working with Muslim communities across Europe and America to study the phenomenon
  •  Promoting social integration as a prime remedy for terrorism
  •  Re evaluating national counter-terrorism strategies in Europe and the US.
  •  Providing an alternative source of information and high calibre work other than the traditional output issued by pro-governments agencies or politically-motivated NGOs.

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