Parliamentary and International Timeline: COVID-19

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March 20

  • UK (Frost, 55) and EU (Barnier, 69) Chief Brexit Negotiators test positive for Covid 19.
  • British Chancellor Rishi Sunak says the state will pay 80% of wages of furloughed employees.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron threatens to close the border with the UK unless Johnson takes more stringent measures to contain the coronavirus outbreak

March 21

  • The World Tourism Forum projects global losses for the sector to reach $1 trillion by end 2020
  • The Netherlands halts all passenger flights from Spain until April 4.
  • Italy reported a record 793 coronavirus deaths, reaching 4,825
  • German finance minister announces he will present a supplementary €150bn budget


March 22

  • Spanish PM calls for an EU “Marshal Plan” response to include Coronavirus {Euro} Bonds
  • Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte signed a decree closing all non-essential production by March 25
  • Spain announces extension of State of Emergency to April 11.
  • Ireland announces the introduction of a financial package next week for those who have lost their jobs due to coronavirus.

March 23

  • UK parliament legislates the country’s Coronavirus Bill at second reading in House of Commons
  • Coronavirus Adjournment Debate brought by Chris Bryant MP (Labour) on Staffing of Accident and Emergency Departments
  • UN creating a global fund to support developing countries coronavirus patients.
  • European shares tumble to seven-year lows, with the biggest sell-off since 2008
  • Airbus sees share drop by 12,7% and calls off dividend for 2019
  • ECB says Frankfurt stands ready to expand Corona-Virus bond-buying program. The US Federal Reserve said it will continue its asset purchasing programme.
  • Italy’s Confoindustria projects losses for the Italian Economy to €100bn a month as long as the population is in lockdown.
  • Cuba dispatches a brigade of doctors to Italy to assist with the epidemic;
  • 24 doctors have lost their lives in Italy during the fight with the epidemic.
  • German finance minister Olaf Scholz announces €750bn to mitigate the damage of the coronavirus outbreak, with Berlin aiming to take on new debt for the first time since 2013.

March 25

  • Nine EU member states call for Coronavirus-Euro Bonds
  • Germany’s economy could contract by as much as 20% this year due to the impact of the coronavirus, an Ifo economist said.
  • US lawmakers approve a $2 trillion stimulus package, to support workers, businesses and the healthcare system.
  • China scales down movement restriction in the Hubei Province, which was most heavily hit by the coronavirus outbreak. Wuhan was excluded from that lifting of restrictions, however. The city’s residents will be able to travel freely by April 8.
  • UK Home Affairs Select Committee on Home Office Preparedness for Covid-19 taking oral evidence at a formal meeting, ‘The Government’s Response to the Coronavirus.’
  • The Netherlands has "probably" stopped the exponential growth of coronavirus infections, according to the Dutch Institute of Health.
  • Saudi Arabia ordered a 3 p.m. curfew and full lockdown in Riyadh, Mecca and Medina.

March 26

  • EU Leaders hold a Covid-19/Coronavirus video conference to discuss the impact on member states, chaired by President of the European Council, Charles Michel
  • EU parliament approves release of emergency €37 billion to member states, broadens scope of the EU’s natural disaster fund and relax rules to enable member governments to give direct grants, tax breaks and advance payments to companies.
  • EU Summit scheduled for 26-27 March postponed, new dates TBC

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