Video: Securitising Migration

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From an international relations perspective “securitisation” is the process of identifiying or “framing” a threat to national security, be it as a threat of law and order or defined in environmental, economic or sociocultural terms. 

The implication of framing a phenomenon as a threat – its  securitisation – entails a response that is more military or police-driven than political and societal. By securitizing an issue, the perception of the threat changes and the scrutiny of the policy changes.   

Therefore, leadership is enabled to “lead against a threat” rather than “advocate for a specific vision of society.” 

This video is based on a paper by Dr Michal Vit & Judit Toth in cooperation with the Metropolitan University of Prague.


Research: Areti Vasmada and Selen Eşençay.

Narration & Editing: Eleni Panayiotou.