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Tactics Institute Launches Radicalisation Report in EU Parliament

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London, 28th November 2019

In the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 26th November, Tactics Institute launched its first report: ‘Social Exclusion and Radicalisation in the Balkans’.

The report looks at how Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are funding the spread of extremist ideas to marginalised communities, making the case that Islamic extremist discourse fills a vacuum left open by states unable to develop policy that meets social needs.

Salafi is often able to move in uncontested to communities of the “left behind,” socially, politically and economically, where education is de facto if not in principle segregated, where unemployment and underemployment limit access to housing and there is little scope for social mobility.

The report concludes that there is no direct link between terrorism and social exclusion, but there is strong evidence suggesting a direct link between radicalisation and social exclusion.

Tactics Director Thomas Charles was one of four speakers at the event in Strasbourg attended by Members of the European Parliament and other dignitaries. Joining him on the panel were report contributors Professor Felipe Pathé Duarte,  geopolitical analyst and Assiatant Professor at the Higher Institute of Police Sciences and Homeland Security in Lisbon; Brigadier General Metodi Hadji-Janev, a security analyst and Associate Professor at the Military Academy General Mihailo Apostolski in Skopje; and Yavor Raychev, security and counterterrorism analyst and PHD candidate in international relations ay the University of Granada.

The other contributors to the report, which will be available soon electronically and in print, were Professor Tatyana Dronzina of the St Kliment Ohridski University in Sofia and Dr Safet Music, Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Defence in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Introducing the report, which also includes consideration of current trends in radicalisation in western Europe and in particular the United Kingdom, the speakers provided insights into the phenomenon of radicalisation and how it differs across borders, as well as considering the similarities in a problem which requires a coordinated European response.

The event also saw valuable contributions from a number of MEPs representing a range of member states as well as representatives of non-member states.

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