The Institute

About Us

The Tactics Institute for Security and Counter Terrorism is an independent, non-partisan, think tank.

We bring together experience in social services, cybersecurity, legal expertise and a pool of experts with procurement, military operations and areas studies expertise. We provide contextually sensitive support for decision makers whilst also aspiring to opening new public debates on security policy.

We focus on politically motivated transnational crime, with reports and events designed to guide risk assessment, social and security policy. Going beyond a cause-effect approach, we seek to identify the political and social context in which terrorist threats evolve, without shying away from questions of social and economic significance.



To make a significant contribution to the discrediting of violence as a means of political struggle by supporting security options that bolster open, pluralistic, and cohesive societies governed by the rule of law.


What we do

✔ Research
✔ Seminars and Workshops
✔ Policy Recommendations for Governments and Governments Agencies
✔ Conduct in-depth due diligence and risk assessment reports with a specialization in the Balkans and the Middle East, taking into account social context factors
✔ Support stakeholder consultation on behalf of different agencies and organisations
✔ Support advocacy campaigns that are in line with our mission statement


Focus Areas

  • Islamic Radicalisation in non-Muslim societies
  • Strategic Security and geopolitical dynamics including in the horn of Africa, Europe, China, NATO and other key regions
  • Assessment of social inclusion and intervention strategies to prevent radicalization and recruitment
  • Promote learning by applying a comparative perspective in the study of anti-terrorist activity that can inform transnational cooperation and mainstream effective practices

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