New Report: Violence Targeted Against Civilians in War

The latest report from Tactics Institute considers the systemic targeting of women, children, the elderly, and the LGBTQI+ community as features of total warfare.


Dr. David Waller, Senior Lecturer in American Politics Faculty of Business and Law, University of Northampton, David Waller was educated at the Universities of Oxford (BA Joint Honours in Ancient & Modern History) and London (MA in Area Studies ~ United States), and undertook further graduate work at the University of California at Berkeley. He joined the University of Northampton in 1992 to teach American Studies and is now part of the International Relations and Politics course team. He currently serves as chairman of the Northampton Branch of The Historical Association and as chairman of the Northamptonshire Archaeological Society.

Joanna Karamitrousi, University of Amsterdam. Joanna is a Media Communications Expert with several Greek and international awards. After graduating with a degree in Conflict Resolution and Governance from the University of Amsterdam, she worked in several corporations. She has interviewed high-ranking politicians, entrepreneurs, and policymakers.

Ljupka Trajanovska, University of Sussex. Ljupka is a Peace Studies analyst. She holds a BA in Security and peace focused on Conflict Prevention, Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-Proliferation. She is an experienced activist with advocacy experience in civic and social organisations. She is currently pursuing an MA in Gender, Violence and Conflict at the University of Sussex.

Glorija Peranić, University of Zagreb. Glorija is an Educational Rehabilitator and a Positive Discipline Instructor for children. After graduating from the University of Zagreb she worked with children with disabilities. She works as an individual consultant/instructor, publishes regularly and is engaged in public communication on early and pre-school education.

Israfil Özkan, University of Ankara. Israfil is the Executive Director of Freedom Research Association, based in Ankara, Turkey. Israfil has been a Gender Rights Activist and spokesperson in Turkey, working with and for several liberal organisations that promote human rights in Turkey, including Friedrich Naumann Institution and Atlas Network.



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