Video: COVID-19 & the Armed Forces Series – Eastern Ukraine Briefing, Part 2

Tactics Institute for Security and Counter Terrorism presents an expert video briefing on the situation in Ukraine, the second in our exclusive COVID-19 and the Armed Forces series.

In this briefing, Director of the National Institute for Strategic Studies in Ukraine, Dr Oleksandr Lytvynenko, discusses the situation in eastern Ukraine in light of COVID 19 crisis.

Dr Lytvynenko explains that Ukraine has not been seriously hot by the COVID-19 pandemic, yet it has still been a cause of disruption, economically, socially and in the conduct of the conflict with Russia.

Dr Lytvynenko looks at the coronavirus statistics and explains why ‘official’ numbers emanating from Donetsk are almost certainly understated, as the healthcare system in that park of Ukraine was already not functioning at a high level. Dr Lytvynenko points to the stricter containment measures being carried out in the areas under Russian control as indicative of a more serious problem there than in areas under Kiev’s control.

In terms of the ongoing military conflict, Dr Lytvynenko explains that both sides have been on lockdown, with soldiers being protected from the spread of the virus more stringently than civilians. Access to military zones has been significantly limited since the pandemic was declared.

Dr Lytvynenko identifies two areas of opportunity presented by the COVID-19 crisis: to implement a real, lasting ceasefire, which he claims is under discussion, and the public relations boost that will go to whichever side in the conflict better deals with the crisis.

An opportunity to take steps to peace has arisen in the most unusual circumstances. Click here to watch the video.


Dr Oleksandr Lytvynenko is Director of the National Institute for Strategic Studies in Ukraine. He holds the title of superannuated major-general and state official of the 2nd rank and is Merited Scientist and Technologist of Ukraine, and has received the Honorary Award of the President of Ukraine: the anniversary medal “25 years of Independence of Ukraine”.

In part one of this series, renowned security analyst Nickolay Kapitonenko interviewed diplomat, foreign policy expert and former Ukrainian National Security Advisor, Vasyl Filipchuk on the situation in Eastern Ukraine during the COVID 19 crisis.

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