Video: Terrorism in the UK and North America over the last 20 years – Part 1

In this episode, we examine Dr Hewitt's take on emerging terrorist trends in Western Europe, placing current trends in their historical perspective. Dr Hewitt's research focuses primarily on the so-called "Anglo-Sphere" – UK, Canada, United States – and he looks at the social and institutional context in which politically significant violent action occurs.  


Professor Steve Hewitt
Steve Hewitt is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of History at the University of Birmingham in
The United Kingdom. He has written extensively on topics related to modern trends in security and intelligence in a US-UK-Canada context. His books include The British War on
Terror: Terrorism and Counterterrorism on the Home Front since 9/11. You can find him on Twitter via @TerrorisingHis1.

Barbara Matias
Bárbara Matias is a TACTICS Associated Researcher. She served as NATO Programme Officer to the training mission in Iraq and Euro-Atlantic Disaster Relief Crisis Center's Team Lead on EU-NATO coordination. She was previously based in Kosovo, working on the dialogue with Serbia and the Western Balkan EU enlargement. She also worked for EUROJUST, the Portuguese diplomatic missions in Austria and Sweden, and human rights research at a Greek refugee camp. Bárbara was a Fulbright graduate scholar at Columbia University, where she completed an MA in Human Rights Studies.


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