Concerns Mount Over North Korea’s Missile Activities

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Uncertainties on the Korean Peninsula have advanced as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un accelerates weapons development. Recently, according to South Korea, North Korea has luanched “several” cruise missiles from its west coast into the sea. Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said the missiles were fired on Wednesday. Cruise missiles are among a broad range of arsenals North Korea has been experimenting with in recent years as it endeavours to build a viable nuclear deterrence against the United States and its Asian partners.

“Our military witnessed several cruise missiles launched by North Korea towards the Yellow Sea at around 7:00 am today [22:00 GMT on Tuesday],” the JCS expressed in a statement. “The exact specifications are being closely examined by South Korean and US intelligence authorities.”

North Korea, which is under tough United Nations sanctions over its nuclear weapons development, has persisted in conducting weapons tests this year. Cruise missiles are planted to be jet-propelled and operate at a lower altitude than more refined ballistic missiles. However, It poses a risk to South Korea and Japan because they are more difficult to detect by radar.

The most delinquent launches came as the South Korean Navy’s special warfare squad was taking part in an exercise on the east coast near the border with North Korea. We are deeply concerned about the Cruise missile-related development and testing, which would threaten the stability and peace of the region as well as across the globe.

Furthermore, It seems Leader Kim Jong Un has also ditched any goal of unification with South Korea, which he has now defined as a “primary enemy“. Kim might have commanded the demolition of a 30-metre (100 ft) high Pyongyang memorial that symbolised the purpose of reconciliation with South Korea.

Satellite images from Planet Labs PBC occurred to show the demolition of Pyongyang’s Monument to the Three Charters for National Reunification, also named the Arch of Reunification. An image on Tuesday demonstrated the arch missing along a road.

North Korea persists in expanding its illicit missile capabilities and advancing its destabilizing activities. We call for North Korea’s abandonment of its missile programs in a complete, supportable, and irreversible manner following all appropriate UNSCRs [UN Security Council Resolutions]. 

In this context, we reiterate our strong condemnation of arms proliferation which directly violates relevant UNSCRs. We urge North Korea to abide by UNSCRs and instantly cease all such activities

We again call on North Korea to abstain from further provoking, destabilizing activities and return to diplomacy. It’s important to recognise that the United States has been quite clear about the fact that the “US harbour no hostile intent towards North Korea and continue to be open to diplomacy without preconditions.” The Republic of Korea, with Japan, and other partners and allies must strive to engage the DPRK, in how to prevent some of their aggressive and destabilizing manners. 

Moreover, North Korea’s irresponsible action must be dealt with with a swift, combined, and robust international reaction, especially by the United Nations Security Council. We encourage UNSC members to follow through on their affirmations and call on all UN member states to completely and effectively implement appropriate UNSCRs. 

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