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Report: Renegotiating Financial Transparency

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Timeline: Lebanon's Annus Horribilis

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Tactics Institute: Haftar use of Salfi Fighters Dangerous a...

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Report: Elite State Hacking & Individual Freedoms

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"We strive to make a significant contribution to the discrediting of violence as a means of political struggle"

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Major report from Tactics Institute considers post-Brexit Europe.

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2020 has been a year of turmoil for Lebanon, the small and perpetually vulnerable Middle Eastern state.

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Professor Felipe Pathé Duarte

Counter Terrorism Advisor

Tatyana Dronzina

Director of Studies - Radicalization

Alec Mally

Economic Advisor

Brigadier General Metodi Hadji-Janev

Military Advisor


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Illegal African Gold Trade Raised in French Parliament

At the French National Assembly, a written question was submitted based on the issues raised by Tactics Institute around illegal gold smuggling from the Sahel to the Gulf.

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